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About Us

A sustainable coast

Kastor Boat Trips started at Hönö Gothenburg archipelago 2004. Some years earlier we found the charming wooden boat Kastor, now the centre part of our business.

People have lived at this island for thousands of years and we who daily traffic the archipelago are not surprised why. We are happy to carefully provide our coast to visitors from all over the world.

Kastor, build by juniper pegged oak tree at Kungsviken 1960 at a time when Orust island was the centre of the worlds best ship buildning, came to Hönö island 1990 after 30 years of hard fishing at Käringö island. Since we bought and repaired it year 2000 several “land-crabs” have joined us for mackerel trolling to Vinga island.

The engine is a life boat style two cylinder SABB 30hp and we are very pleased that the fuel consumtion is just 1½ liter/h wich produce a minimum of carbon oxide emission.

When fishing we just catch what we need – never more. We love our archipelago, we borrow, we use and offer it and we like to keep it as it is for the future.

About Us

Hönö and the nine other islands

Hönö island has one of the greatest, yet hard decreased, fishing fleets in Sweden. Still a dozen of boats leave the harbour every Sunday night for the North Sea. 13 000 people live at our ten islands and most of them work out here. We have all service we need and are open all year around. Hönö is 365.

Our community has 10 islands connected together with ferrys and bridges, and they are all very beautiful in their own unique way.

The hot spot is Hönö Klåva, the south part of the biggest island. Apart from boat trips, bicycle rent, bathing and beautiful surroundings, Klåva offers restaurants, shopping, bowling, cinema and a small fishing museum.

If you start from the city you can easily reach Hönö Klåva by bus or by car and summertime also by boat from Stenpiren. You will find B&B, hotels, hostels and airBnb around the islands. One hour from Landvetter airport.

Your first experience when visiting our islands should proboably be noticing that the coast weather mostly is better than the forecast and much better then in the city.

Welcome to explore our islands!

About Us

The old man and the sea

Skipper Lasse at Kastor is an Hönö islander raised in Grundsund in the north of Bohuslän where grandpa was skipper of old Kastor, a bank vessel with ”chinese white painted bow”.

He easily speaks swedish and english and by occasion he tells a terrible tale.

Lasse Englund is a qualified Deck Officer class VII at Chalmers Lindholmen. All guests are insured by BAS, Bohusläns Allmänna Sjöförsäkring. Your safety is our number one priority.

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