Here are the answers of our most common questions. Please contact us if you need more info. 

Cancellation rules

It’s not possible to purchase cancellation protection for our boat trips. Please wait with your booking until you are sure about your choice.

What happens if the weather is bad?

At lousy weather (strong wind and/or heavy rain) we cancel the boat trip and you will get a 100% refund or a new trip another day if you prefer that. A bit of rain doesn’t stop us from going out on a fishing trip, we have really good rainwear for alla sizes. We use Weather Pro and YR.no app to check the forecast.

Are there other guests at the same tour?

We have good place for one or two families and if you want you can order a private tour just for your group. 

The minimum is four pax. I travel alone!

After the first booking it’s possible to book for less than four. Please wait, come back and see. 

Accessibility. Is it difficult to get onboard the boat?

Not much harder than any other smaller boat but you will need to be able to lift your legs and walk down a small staircase. If you want to sit on a chair when fishing, we can fix that. To bring a wheelchair is possible always if we will get some help to lift it down to the boat. We normally have space for one or two baby strollers.

Is there a loud speaker voice during the boat trip?

Not here! No Stress is our theme. We want you to be able to relax and enjoy the archipelago, but if you have any questions we are happy to tell you about the birds, seals, rocks and the ocean. At occasion you might get told a pirate tale 😉

Are there life vests for everyone?

All kids are wearing life vests during the whole trip and we keep all sizes onboard. For adults we have live vests too, or a warm float jacket if preferred. 

How should I dress for the boat trip?

We drive boat all year round and you only need to dress according to the forecast and calendar. We use rainwear from Grundéns when we are fishing and it protects us from fish blood and mud. At wintertime we wear warm float jackets and cosy blankets.

How do I reach the boat from Gothenburg City? 

Our home harbor Hönö Klåva is hardly an hour from the city center. You can go by car, taxi, bus or bike. In summertime there is a direct boat from Stenpiren not 2020. Read more here. Hot summer season you will need two hours by car from the city. 


If you reach us by car, bare in mind that summertime there can be queues to the ferry from Lilla Varholmen to Hönö, so start your travel in good time. Park preferably outside the harbor where there are no parking limits. Inside the harbor there is free parking for three hours. Use a parking disk or write a note.

Is there anything else to do at Hönö island?

If you get hungry there are around 10 good restaurants in the harbor to choose from. There is around 20 shops selling clothes, food, beauty products, second hand, health food, hardware, shoes and toys… To find a spot to swim is easy. On the west and north side of the island the beach is rocky and you will easily find a private space if you walk a while. In east and south there are small sandy beaches. You’ll find 10 islands in total and they are all quick to explore by foot. There is night life or total silence and if the weather is bad we have a cinema and a fishing museum too.

My questions are not here! 

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