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Kastor Boat Trips


Many peoples last wish is to get ones ashes spread in the sea. The bays are connected to the seven oceans by the currents. We take you to a gentle place at the Gothenburg coast where you and your relatives can take a last farewell. Let us know if you prefer a special place.

We depart from Hönö island. Usually we go max one hour. If you wish pickup from another place we can arrange that. 


From SEK 1 500 / h one boat


1 hour or custom to your needs


All year


Kastor and Pollux have room for 8-11 pax each. If larger group we can arrange more boats.


Länsstyrelsen i Västra Götaland gives the permission you need to spread the ashes in the ocean and you need to give them the exact location when applying. It takes one week to get the permit.

We provide rain clothes and life vests in all sizes.

All passengers are insured by Bohusläns Allmänna Sjöförsäkring. 


Please check Find Us

Pickup with Kastor at another place then the home harbour is possible.