Kastor Boat Trips

Private tours

A romantic tour for you and your soulmate in the most beautiful part of the Gothenburg coast. We dress in Grundéns fishing clothes and pull a box full of fine crabs. When reaching Vinga island we lit the big kettle and boil three sorts of shellfish and taste it off together with bread, dip and a glass of bubbles.

After a nice siesta, perhaps a bath and a walk around the island, we return to Hönö harbour. On the way back we pass by the seal cliff and perhaps we troll a mackerel as well.

Price example SEK 6 400 for an exclusive four hour Kastor Private Tour.

We customize your dream tour in our beautiful archipelago from one hour to one day. We add picnic, restaurang, hotel. You choose start and stop spot.

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Photo: Kastor Boat Trips


From SEK 1 500 / h


Custom to your needs


All year


1-10 people

Groups of 10-100 people, check Events or make an inquiry below.


Perhaps you want to be picked up in the city, by boat or car. A restaurant visit after a day at sea. A comfortable hotel night before and after. We tailor your dream tour after your wishes.

We provide fishing gear, rain clothes and life vests in all sizes.

All passengers are insured by Bohusläns Allmänna Sjöförsäkring.


Pickup with Kastor in the City, Långedrag, Hjuvik a.o.

Local bus transfer or pre ordered private car.