Kastor sälsafari

Seal safari

Boat trip with sightseeing 1h

Seal safari in Gothenburg for the whole family. One hour Carpe Diem tour in a beautiful archipelago with a good chance to see a seal.

Seals are hunters and spend the majority of their day hunting for food, fish and shellfish. After the meal they nap or rest on the small rocks. The seals live in colonies and mostly stay in the same area. When there is lack of food they try their luck somewhere else and sometimes they are out of reach during the one hour boat trip.

In springtime when the pups are newborn, the seals are more shy and thats why we wait with our seal safari until they show up close to our harbor. At the mean while you are welcome to book our Sightseeing 1h instead.

Seal safari Gothenburg
Sälsafari Göteborg

Photo: Janina Pulvermüller | Herzblutfotografie


SEK 150 Adults

SEK 100 Kids <16y (free of charge <1 year)


1 hour


July til September 


Suitable for all ages

Min 2 pax

The boat carries 12 pax

Groups <100 people, see Large groups or contact us


We provide rain clothes and life vests in all sizes.

All passengers are insured by Bohusläns Allmänna Sjöförsäkring. 



Direct bus 291 from NET to Hönö Klåva or Bus RÖD Express from Centralstation to Lilla Varholmen, Öckerö-ferry to Hönö Färjeläge and bus 291 to Hönö Klåva.


Direct bus 291 from NET departure 1203h, arrival Hönö Klåva 1309h. Or Bus RÖD Express from Centralstation departure 1031h to Lilla Varholmen, Öckerö-ferry to Hönö Färjeläge and bus 291 to Hönö Klåva arrival 1138h.

Cross the street and walk 100m to the boat by Hotel Trubaduren.

Search for a trip and buy your bus ticket in the ToGo app from Västtrafik.

Taxi We work with Eddies taxi, please contact us for more information.

Shellfish package

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