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This is a private boat trip, only for you, your family and your friends. Min 4 pax.

Kastor krabbfiske


Seafood Safari

Bring your best friends to enjoy our exclusive shellfish package with cage fishing, a supé with all shellfish of the season and two comfortable hotel nights at the harbor hotel. 

We take you to our best spots for a three hours fishing trip. You pull the traps, we run the boat. Swedish “fika” with coffee and Hönökaka (typical local sandwich) included.

When back at the harbor we mingel with a glass of prosecco while cooking the catch at the pier. A while later you enjoy a seasonal shellfish supé at Tullhuset restaurant overviewing the archipelago.

Sleep well at Hotel Trubaduren in Hönö Klåva harbor.

Hummerfiske i Vinga skärgård
Skaldjurpaket på Hönö
Kastor Boat Trips

Photo: Jonas Ingman Bruksbild  | Anna Hållams


SEK 3 790 Fishing, mingle, cooking, supé, two hotel nights

SEK 3 095 Fishing, mingle, cooking, supé, one hotel night

SEK 2 100 Fishing, mingle, cooking, supé


Fresh shrimps, mussels, cray fish, crabs

Two glasses of white wine

Dessert of the season with dessert wine


SPRING  Saturdays April 10 – June 19
LATE SUMMER  Saturdays August 16 – September 19

Time slots
1400h Fishing with Kastor
1700h Mingle and cooking
1900h Supé at Tullhuset restaurant


Private tour min 4 pax

Kastor and Pollux carry 8 pax each

For families with kids we recommend our crab package


We provide fishing gear, rain clothes and life vests in all sizes. Please, dress for the season.

All passengers are insured by Bohusläns Allmänna Sjöförsäkring. 


Search for a trip and buy your bus ticket in the ToGo app from Västtrafik.

Cross the street and walk 100m to the boat by Hotel Trubaduren.

Taxi We work with Eddies taxi, please contact us for more information.

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Lobster package

Follow us on the hunt of the North Sea lobster. Worlds best seafood. After fishing enjoy a four meal lobster supé at the finest restaurant in the harbor.

Seafood On The Rocks

Fishing, swimming and cooking seafood on the rocks of our beautiful archipelago. Perfect for you who loves sea, food & rocks.